Hungary Prepares for Potential Refugee Inflow from Ukraine


The red circle shows the region of Transcarpathia along the Hungarian-Ukrainian border.

23 February, 2014
Source: Politics.Hu

Andras Giro-Szasz, a government spokesmen, says that members of the Visegrad Four grouping, as well as the Hungarian authorities, are closely monitoring the situation in Ukraine. They are paying special attention to the Hungarian minority living in Transcarpathia.

In order to deal with the potential inflow if Ukrainian refugees, Hungary is prepared both in terms of health-care and refugee services.

While the news about Hungarian-Ukrainian relations is limited, I feel it is important to stay informed on the status of their relationship in light of the recent violence in Ukraine. Hungary and Ukraine do indeed share a border, so I am interested to see how things will progress. I am also interested to see how Putin handles things in the Ukraine and if Hungary’s potential acceptance of Ukrainian refugees will sour Hungarian-Russian relations.


One thought on “Hungary Prepares for Potential Refugee Inflow from Ukraine

  1. Great to see a map, especially after our conversation on Saturday! Excellent point regarding Putin and his handling of the situation, but bravo for Hungarian to be prepared to try and help those in need. I’ll be watching the situation in the Ukraine carefully, I’m sure you will be too.

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